We now have a new range of holsters that have featured in all the best western Hollywood films. This is the most comprehensive range of Hollywood holsters you will find anywhere.

Replica holsters that you will not be able to distinguish from the originals. You will find them all at these links. Take a look now.

 Hollywood Holsters

Western Holsters



As you may now know, we have supplied a great deal of leather work for the Madame Tussaud’s Waxworks. We were commissioned to work alongside the studio artists to produce all of the leather work for the epic Star Wars exhibit.

We also employed a craftsman to fabricate all of the metal attachments from our pattern. Many hours of research was involved to ensure everything was “Screen Correct” and finally being the approval by George Lucas.

Take a look at the Star Wars page on this site


We have a new spaghetti western Clint Eastwood Fast draw Holster.

This is a faithful copy of the Andy Anderson holster used by Clint Eastwood in all his famous Spaghetti western films. Read about it and see the pictures.

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I have got some discounted items for sale and a new site page for you to see.

the western gun leather site is now up and running so you may want to book mark it for further reference.



I need to tell you that there is now some useful info if you are interested in the purchase of a new western holster. Before you go and choose a holster read this, it will help to point out some points of importance.
Western holsters, the proper fit.

Western Gun holsters,

I have added another good holster to the Picture  list of western holsters. Another Hatfields & McCoys gun holster from the film that has court the eye of a lot of people interested in the old time style. I will ad another picture as soon as I get one ready. Keep an eye on the blog as the whole range is added.

For more western holsters
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The holsters from the film Hatfields & McCoys were made by Escort Gunleather in the UK. This is a brand new range of holsters made specifically for this film. If you like the film and would like to own one of the holsters Seen in the film go over to the buck Farnsworth site to see the full range.

Hatfields & McCoys HolsterGo and see the the holster range from Hatfields & McCoys

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Another great rig from escortgunleather.com

If you are looking for a perfect Eastwood rig then you will not find better than this one by Hollywood Holsters com Take a look at the picture